25th June Glenroy library

Life. Love. Beauty. Keegan Allen

I feel like a part of me is still with you in this place. It is in memories like this that your connection with me is most alive. I miss you each day.

Everything in life is beautiful to my mother, every moment of life is love and beauty.

4 thoughts on “25th June Glenroy library

  1. And it most certainly is kind lady, a love and beauty beyond imagining. It is only our fears that blind us to it, but it too has great purpose ❤️
    P.S. You have just recently followed me but I am no longer at this old site, I have moved everything from there across to my new site here: Healing Your Heart From Within


      1. Thank you kind lady, I left all of my old posts there for a while. Your site has stripped my link in my previous comment which made it a bit difficult to use, but I see you have found the new site 😀


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